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Morning routine

What does an ideal morning look like?

Entering a new day well rested and full of energy. Having enough time for breakfast and a cup of your favorite drink. The ideal morning lacks mindless rush, and instead is slow, offering you enough time to complete your entire morning routine.

Throughout the day, our skin is exposed to various threats – UV rays, impurities in the air, and bacteria that we unconsciously transfer to our skin with our hands and phone. Therefore, it is crucial to protect your skin before beginning your day and facing your obligations. We recommend using the following products as part of your new morning routine.

Apply the RETOUCH serum on a cleansed face. The serum works to even out your skin complexion. Due to the absence of oils, the product is also suitable for skin that is prone to impurities. You will also notice that the serum reduces visible wrinkles – it covers imperfections and fills in fine lines. Once set on the skin, the serum creates a layer of protection that shields the skin from external influences.

Once the serum is absorbed and creates a protective layer, apply the REVIVE cream to the skin. This cream offers long-lasting hydration through our patented mixture of hyaluronic acid which has the best absorption on the market. The serum works to not only moisturize your skin, but also soothe it with the saccharide isomer. This mixture of ingredients is perfect for helping boost the skin’s resistance to external influences.

Then your morning skincare routine would be complete, allowing you to continue getting ready with your favorite make-up products, or chosen outfit of the day. But before you hurry out to complete your errands for the day, don’t forget to smile wide. After all, a smile is the best accessory, alongside healthy skin.

Start your morning routine:

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