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Evening routine

Before jumping into bed:

The end of the day is a crucial period of time for both us as individuals, and our skin. There is no one-size-fits-all routine, but there are some recommendations that are universally beneficial. With a good evening/night routine, the skin can be equipped with ingredients that help hydrate and nourish it overnight, even reducing visible signs of aging.

Before taking a look at all the products on your shelf, the first step must be thoroughly removing make-up and impurities that have anchored on your face during the day. Start your evening routine with a thorough (but gentle) cleansing. Then you can apply the RESET serum to your cleansed skin. After application you will notice a lifting effect, shrinking pores and minimizing redness. The active ingredients in the serum provide long-lasting results - they alleviate the appearance of visible signs of skin aging (if your skin is extremely dry, use the serum before the cream).

After applying the serum, use the MAINTAIN cream - a unique system of emulsifiers allows the ingredients in the product to penetrate deep into the skin. Commencing the process of skin rejuvenation, long-lasting hydration, and an anti-aging effect that will take effect during your well-deserved sleep. Because the cream has a light texture, your skin will not feel heavy.

Once complete, it's time to enjoy the remaining part of your nighttime routine, all in preparation for a good night’s rest. A warm cup of tea, comfortably sitting in your bed, your phone on airplane-mode phone, and your favorite book at your fingertips.

Start your evening routine: