Hyaluronic Acid

Our “secret weapon” is our patented mixture enhanced with ®  Sonicated Hyaluronic Acid.

Created with proprietary technology, this natural substance is boosted to give your skin extra hydration, and help it remain firmer and more elastic.


How it works?

Ten times better absorption

Boosted to give your skin extra hydration

Hyaluronic acid, the natural lubricant for elastic tissues such as skin and joints, is processed in our laboratories. Using a proprietary process called Ultra Sonication, we apply low-frequency, high-intensity sound waves to the liquid, resulting in molecules with optimal weight.

By introducing a concentration of sonicated hyaluronic acid to a selected blend of other hyaluronic acids (thus achieving a calibrated ratio of optimal molecular weights), we have created a balanced mixture with superior absorption, proven to amplify the skin’s reparative effects and reduce inflammation. In other words, your skin will look and feel more supple when using it.



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Recommended by professionals

All proprietary innovations and products are a result of expert know-how. Our laboratory is based in Italy, where we develop advanced anti-age skincare formulations.

The in-vitro tests that were conducted at the University of Pavia (Italy) confirm that best results are obtained even with low concentrations of sonicated hyaluronic acid, and that our patented mixture is suitable for use in most cosmetical products.

Dr. Inigo de Felipe explains: “Why do doctors inject anything under the skin? Because the penetration of anything that’s applied directly on the skin’s surface will only be about 1%. Whereas with mesotherapy, the penetration of ingredients will increase by a 100.


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